15 March 2010

No Card but some pictures of our fair/dry State.


Sorry I haven't posted for so long but with work and looking after grandchildren I just haven't had time to do any craft or card  making - I'm starting to have withdrawals.

This is not a card but thought you might like to see some pictures of Ararat  - We spent our long weekend (labour day) up there which is about a 3 hour trip from where we live in Southeast Victoria.

These were taken from a lookout just out of the town it might just give you an idea of what some parts of Australia look like and how dry it is in most areas- I feel for the farmers and others trying to live off the land.

These pictures are just a few of the ones we took overlooking the township of Ararat and surrounding areas hopefully if you click on them you should be able to in large them for a better view if you are interested - it is a pretty little town with a lot going for it especially seeing it's out in the middle of nowhere. image  Notice how dry and flat the ground is in the background.





This is just to show our height and some of the distances  and places from this point.









This is looking out sort of over the town ( in the bottom left corner of the pic. ) and further it was so pretty but very very dry.










This last picture shows another direction still vert dry but a few trees and hills.





I hope you like these pictures we went to Ararat for a 4 day wedding- the hens/bucks night was on the Friday- we gave this a miss- there was a set up and BBQ dinner on the Saturday and on the Sunday we had the wedding service and reception and on the Monday we all got together for breakfast then we headed home. This was the same weekend that Melbourne suffered the amazing hail/rain and wind storms with lots of damage - we didn't receive any of the hail where we were but we did get a bit of rain on the Sunday after the ceremony fortunately and throughout the night and most of the way home but when we got back to our side of Melbourne the sun was shining and although our area had a bit of rain there was no real damage in our area- thank goodness.We need lots more rain though the ground is so dry  water just runs off and down the drain or only soaks in to the first inch or so. I don't have any wedding pictures at this stage but will hopefully get the pictures of the wedding card up soon.

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Kathy S

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  1. So glad you had fun at the wedding. Boy, it sure does look dry!