12 February 2010

Just Keeping in Touch

Hi there, it seems like ages since I started this Blog but it was only last week- sorry I haven't posted anything for a while but have been flat out we went to Sydney last weekend and saw the Military Tattoo-for those who don't know about this it's not the sort that you have put on your person -it's military bands from all over the world that perform in various ways- marching while playing their musical instruments and doing things that you would not normally expect from a band or even the country they are representing. I felt very sorry for them because it rained nearly the whole time and we were outside in an open arena but despite the rain it was a fabulous weekend and I got to see some more of my beautiful country.

Since we got home I have been working- which may not sound like much to a lot of you but when you haven't worked and then suddenly you are working full time it is a bit hard to get used to - I have been so tired at least I have the weekend to catch up.

I tried putting a post up while we were away but the internet connection we used wouldn't accept it :( so this is the first chance I have had to type anything up since we got back. Will try to put some pictures of our trip at a later date if you're interested- not that I got many because of the weather.

Catch you later

Kathy S

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