03 February 2010

First post

Hi there

After watching from the outside and much deliberation and hesitation I have finally got the courage to join the blogging community. This may seem that I am behind the eight ball but it is all about courage and taking the first leap of faith which I am about to do with thanks to the little push many of you have given me in the past twelve months but mainly thanks to a special blogger who I think I can consider a friend as well - Rebecca Ednie from “Eclectic Endeavours” who gave me the final push and has helped me endlessly in setting this site up - which considering I live in Australia and she resides in Canada has not been as easy as it sounds - working across the waves and on different time frames but we have finally got there now I hope.

With so many other talented people out there in Blog land I have no idea why anyone would be interested in seeing my work or listening to me about my life but I hope I can entertain some of you for a short time with each post.

Hopefully this blog will give you a bit of sparkle and just a touch of inspiration to those out there who like me need inspiration from many sources. Please feel free to leave comments and if you like suggestions to help me while I take this giant step. I hope I don’t disappoint.

I am not the worlds’ greatest photographer either so until I get the hang of all this please be patient

1 comment:

  1. So glad this is all working out and of course you may call me a friend! Sorry I didn't call tonight when your other post wasn't up but if you read my blog post, you will understand. I am really tired, it is 1:20 am, not that this is late for me but on top of the headache, my back is killing me from looking all over the floor for a camera card that was missing that I could have sworn the baby took but really it was somewhere else. Have a great night and if you are still stuck (or maybe DH/DS took your 'puter for the night hee hee) email me! Congrats on your first post!