11 September 2010

My Tribute and feelings for the 9-11 Disaster.

To all those not in Australia this may appear a day early but in Australia it is now Saturday 11th September.

You don't have to read this if you wish it's up to you but it was the way I felt and feel at this tragic time and had to express it with these words.  They may not make sense to some but each time I read it I feel shivers in my body because it brings back the feelings I had that were so strong then and still are today-I admire all who have gotten on with their lives and tried to put this way behind them but there are some that will never get over it and my heart really goes out to them.

Like most others I was deeply touched by the happenings on September 11 2001. I remember waking on that morning our time to hear the news and see the footage over and over on the T.V. - not being able to believe what was happening and even though we where seeing it could not fully accept it for quite a while. My 11 year old son just could not understand and I had a hard time trying to help him when I didn't understand either- how could someone do this?.

Being a  volunteer member of the Country Fire Authority in Victoria, Australia (one of the fire services of our state) I am fully aware of the dangers that are encountered by those who also serve the community no matter where they live or the role in which they do it - whether they are like me a fire person or a police or ambulance officer or one of the rescue team members-  when they go out to help.

I know of many that also risked their lives to assist in the devastating fires we had in Victoria in February 2009 - I helped in that campaign for two weeks doing communications for aircraft- including working with some lovely Canadian, New Zealand, American and Australian crews who were actually in the aircraft-(helicopters) doing the work from up above. Thank you guys your work was greatly appreciated. (Communications is what I normally do and it is a reasonably safe position but you just never know what is going to happen or when)

This poem was written in the memory of ALL THOSE lost in 9-11 and dedicated to them and all Emergency Service Personnel and their families -either paid or volunteers - who risk or risked their lives everyday trying to help others. I also would like to express my thoughts to those who were not involved in the emergency services who also assisted and those that lost their lives as innocent victims of this event.

We don't always get thanked but we don't expect it either- we are here to help when needed and get on with the job at hand. I wrote this just after that fateful day and even though we are miles away it touched our hearts very deeply- we held and still hold memorial services and prayers for all those involved.


America Attacked

“America attacked” that’s what they said

ALL the papers when they were read

A plane, no two have hit a building in New York

Both full of innocent passengers and civilians at work

Not just any building it was discovered

But the World Trade Centre, the Twin Towers,

No goodbyes or I love you

So unexpected for all involved

Except the ones who planned this deed

Fire everywhere – the heat intense it’s melting steel all around

Even more news comes across

The Pentagon has been hit too - another plane

More people dead

Confusion is all around

Not only for Americans but for the world


Who would do this terrible thing?

What is going to happen now?

Questions lots of them to be answered

Who will solve this puzzle?

Another plane has gone down

This time the passengers have reported to say goodbye

Or I love you knowing they were going to die

It’s crashed into a forest all on board dead

Reports keep coming back of despair

Of Death Destruction EVERYWHERE

People try to help, some in vain

No one believes or gives up hope

Police, Fire fighters, Paramedics too

All do their job and march straight in

Get people out their only thought

Help as many as you can

Then more Despair the buildings just crumble

Like a pack of cards

Get out, Get out

We can’t leave them there

We have to help it’s what we do

Regardless of what WE are going through

HOPE is what keeps us going

We pray and work and keep on trying

Just one more trip and one more life

But no it’s too late – we are gone – goodbye

The dust it settles, the people stare

Tears and words just don’t come

We can’t believe it, it can’t be true

It’s some bad movie – it’s just not real

But yes it’s true – we must go on.

We hope the world will stay at peace

No more attacks – no more devastation

We just need to get on, clean up the mess

Maybe someone is still alive

We must check, we hope, we pray

We’ll never forget this tragic day

World war 3 – is this start?

Somewhere down inside our hearts

We hope it’s not - we try to think

Another’s life - we must care

Find out who has done this thing

And punish him / her - and only them

Families, friends we must unite

Think of all those who died - they must help us too

Keep positive and hope the best

Don’t let them all have died in vain

Thousands of innocent lives gone .

Women, children, men all are parts of families

Genes may not relate us

But we are part of the human race

Think of the survivors - those who have lost

We may not want to but we must

Are they to die too- for Revenge

It can’t happen – not again

Remember Gallipoli

Remember France and London

DON’T let Evil win

Give GOOD a winning chance

Peace is what it has to be

But How?

A week has gone by – still no answers

No one else found alive – we can’t give up

People offering – insisting on helping

Clear the rubble – search, search

Dogs, Police, Fire-fighters hard at work

The heat still there- we must go on we cannot rest

Maybe the next piece of rubble may uncover a friend

A loved one – We all hope and pray

Masks must be worn there may be asbestos or worse

We can’t rest

On the other side of the world

We watch this on TV

Our brothers’, sisters’ in the emergency services

Have died or disappeared doing their jobs

We bow our heads and hold our hands

We hug and pray for their families

For them

And all the ones they were trying to save

It could be us we‘re volunteers

Just like some of those who died.

We see a problem we go to help

We know what it’s all about

Our families know it’s what we train to do

But things like this bring the reality home, a family all together

Disaster, Sadness Everywhere – we can’t believe it

We see it over and over again

That plane- those crumbling towers

People running – trying to escape

Those fire trucks, ambulances

Police cars, Buildings – all crumbled like toys

Cranes are lifting; trucks are carrying it all away

To be sifted through in hope to find the answers

None are coming – only more questions

News time comes and goes- more tragedy

Australia, the World is in mourning

Will the world ever be right again?

Children cannot understand- we’re saying sorry

But why? - We did nothing wrong

Explanations just can’t justify any reason

Hope is coming it has to be

We can’t live in fear and sadness

We will remember September 11th 2001


By Kathleen Smullen 2001

Thanks for visiting and I hope I haven't upset or offended anyone with this post. I had to post it just so others know it is not only America that feel for people who suffered with this event but it spread all around the world.

Catch you later


Kathy S

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