12 August 2010

It's been soooo long between posts

Sorry I have been away so long but I don't seem to have had any time to myself lately- this is the first time I've had to even think about a post- I have so many emails left unread- I will gradually catch up on everyone else's news and blogs, I missed all the news and excitement from CHA and all the blog giveaways- I have been working flat out every day and again I take my hat off to all of you out there that can work full time raise a family do things with them and still have time to create and post things on blogs- by the time I get home of a night I have just wanted to relax but have still had meals to prepare and work to be done- I also have been babysitting my darling grandchildren and have also have been studying and preparing for the requirement of what is called "minimum skills" in the CFA -even though I have been doing communications for well over 20 years now I now have to have the requirement that any active fire fighter has when going into a fire area- even though I will not be any where near the fire because I do communications - but since we have had some bad seasons and incidents involving deaths in the fire service all personal are now required to have theses skills- I still have the practical side of the assessment to go through in a week or so but have done all the theory and things I hope. On top of all that I have this horrible cold that just won't go away- my head feels heavy and aching and I am tired continually-I have very little enthusiasm to even craft at the moment so have been catching up on what is going on in blog world- You guys are amazing and there are so many great new releases around I wish I could have all of them.

One blog I have caught up on is  Andrea's- another Australian and Victorian and also the owner of AnnaBelle Stamps she is celebrating 3 years blogging and has the following candy up for grabs but you'll have to be quick it finishes on the 14th of August- visit her blog http://www.stampinmoments.com/ to find out all the details but its a great lot of goodies - she is giving away 3 stamp sets some ribbon, some pearls and some sprinkles.


Sorry to bore you with all my whining I just feel so drained at the moment and wish I had the energy and enthusiasm to get up and do something but the weather here has been so cold and wet- which is good because we desperately need the rain but please let us get some spring weather soon- I am so glad we don't get snow where I live but the wind and the temperatures have been so cold it may as well have been snowing

Anyway that's it for this post hope I haven't bored you too much thanks for visiting and check out Andrea's blog for the candy- I hope you will call back again sometime

Catch you later

Kathy s

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Kathy :) The blog candy finishes 14th September :)